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Exede Satellite Speed Internet

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Finally, affordable Satellite Speed Internet that is available anywhere in the U.S. now you can download music and video in seconds, send and receive pictures to family. Wildblue has reinvented satellite internet with a brand new, much faster service, and changed its name to Exede.

Fast: Up to 12 Mbps download. Up to 4 times faster than most DSL speeds.

Always On: Start surfing instantly. There are no dial-up delays or tying up your phone line. You're always connected so you never have to worry about being "bumped off."

Available: Wild Blue reaches virtually everyone, everywhere.

Affordable: Only $49.95 per month for the Value Pak-(close to the cost of a second phone line plus a dial-up account, only faster!) One time setup fee of $149.99 and $9.99/month Equipment lease fee applies.

Easy: You can expect a professional installation and friendly 24/7 customer care.

Price $49.95 $79.99 $129.99
Upload Speed3 Mbps3 Mbps3 Mbps
Download Speed12 Mbps12 Mbps12 Mbps
Email Addresses5510
Web Space10 GB15GB20 GB
Spam & Virus FilteringIncludedIncludedIncluded
Dial-up AccessOptional*Optional*Included

*Dial up access on the two higher packages may carry an additional charge for additional email addresses, storage space and other features.

No Phone line needed!

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