North Itasca Electric Co-operative, Inc


You probably have been receiving a monthly edition of Questline's newsletter in your email. What you may not know is that now you can go directly to their website and research all sorts of energy questions, free to North Itasca's members. This online service provides energy saving ideas, copies of previous newsletters, tools you can use, money-saving tips, an energy library and much more.

For both residential and commercial members, Questline is a great resource where one can find information on virtually anything you have questions on, such as: home comfort, appliances, lighting, home safety, all the way to more detailed information such as the calculation of your home's energy consumption using fossil fuels compared to electricity.

Interested in renewable energy sources such as solar or wind, log in and learn more. And if you can't find something, Questline even has an "Ask the experts" service where you can address a question and receive answers soon afterwards.

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