Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 24 NO. 5  -  May 2020

CEO Report


I recently visited with a member that was installing an electric on-demand hot water heater. Please call the office anytime you are considering adding a large load. We informed the member their current transformer wouldn’t handle the load from the on-demand hot water heater.

When those units turn on, it's like starting your car, slamming it in gear with the pedal glued to the floor. Now we have the concerns of that unit coming on during the billing peak that we’ve talked about in recent articles. If that heater came on without control, we would have 27 kW x $20 = $540 worth of demand charges for that month.

To ensure that didn't happen, load control devices would've had to be installed. All the additional equipment discouraged the member from installing the unit.

We're gearing up for the construction season. Before we know it, the new service requests will be rolling in. Please, if you are considering a project this summer, it is best to call early. This gives us a chance to get you on the schedule so we're not holding up your plans. We will work with you to come up with the best plan moving forward.

Another familiar part of summer is storms. Are you prepared for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us? Spring is a good time to make sure that generator is safe and running strong.

We just signed the right of way contract for 2020. Areas to be cleared will be contacted by our contractor. Clearing these lines ensures safe and reliable power. With everyone staying home right now, reliable power is vital.

We have been taking steps to improve our communications with you. We recently signed an agreement to produce automated calls. It would be great if we could personally call you when your power will be interrupted, sometimes we wouldn't have enough time to make all those calls. This will be another tool to use to improve our commitment to you. If you get an automated call from us, we are attempting to get important information out to you.

I’ve been using Zoom meetings quite a bit these days. When you jump into the meeting, it reminds me of the old Brady Bunch intro, or something from the Jetson's. There are free versions of this software, the meetings are limited to around forty minutes. I'm thankful we are still able to conduct business during this trying time.

The last meeting was for Operation Round Up. I got a front row seat at the meeting where I saw firsthand the compassion our Round Up board has for our communities. They worked very hard to ensure the dollars would go to help the most people possible during this event. I thank the Round Up board for their hard work, and especially thank all of you that are part of Operation Round Up.

By your side, and Miigweech