Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 24 NO. 4  -  April 2020

Co-op is exempt from CIP


North Itasca Electric sees the value in conservation and believes the savings should always be forwarded to its membership. Because it is an "All-Requirement" member cooperative of Great River Energy (GRE), funds will still be available from them for programs and rebates to members which increase energy efficiencies in their homes.

Looking in from the outside, one will not see a noticeable change, but North Itasca Electric will have more flexibility within the programs offered, bringing benefits to a larger number of North Itasca Electric members.

These programs will continue to consist of both electrical equipment and load management programs that increase energy efficiencies and reduce demand loads placed on our distribution lines.

In my article last month, I mentioned that our average demand charge (depending on the month of the year) averaged around $20 per kW. The more members who sign up for a load control program, the higher the demand savings will be achieved, reducing our demand charges from GRE each month.