Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 22 NO. 7  -  July 2019

CEO Report


Your cooperative is governed by your friends and neighbors, you usually know who they are quite well. You can call or email them, visit or invite them for a cup of coffee. When you have an issue, they are accessible, local, and voted into office by your friends and neighbors. These directors govern our cooperative from monthly meetings, we follow bylaws and set policy for all to follow. Our responsibility in the monthly meetings is to serve you, our member-owner. We take this responsibility very seriously and hold it very close to our hearts.

We do great things! We have a lot going on at North Itasca Electric! Beyond our electrical distribution business, we are very active in our community. We spend time at local schools to educate our kids about safety and our industry. We give out scholarships to local graduates and have continuing education scholarship options. We have Operation Round Up; this is only successful through the participation of our wonderful Member-Owners. We have touched countless lives through the donation of bill rounding. Many thanks to everyone that participates in Operation Round Up.

Great River Energy (where we buy our electricity), is a solid partner for North Itasca Electric. GRE announced this past year that we will be 50 percent carbon free electricity by 2030. Thatís huge!

Unfortunately, we still find ourselves on negative press pages from time to time. We purchase a considerable amount of power from the market. These purchases come in the form of contracts. The negative reports are due to the assets or plant that we own and run vs the power we purchase through the market or contracts. Some highly circulated reports donít recognize any power purchased, only created. Therefore, we find ourselves in the wrong side of the report when in fact weíre still going for greener energy.

I hope you know a little more about your cooperative now. I think one of the greatest and most challenging things about electrical cooperatives is they are each unique. The great part is you elect directors from the communities they serve, these communities make the cooperative perfect for the area. North Itasca Electric doesnít have big farms, we donít have to deal with special situations for wells and irrigation. We do manage a diverse membership of residential and seasonal of differing needs and income levels, all in a rich beautiful forest surrounding. This beautiful forest presents hurdles to cross all year long, especially when the storms roll in.

There is no such thing as a cookie cutter and one size fits all when it comes to your cooperative. Each cooperative is as unique as the community that created them.

By your side!

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