Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 22 NO. 6  -  June 2019

If your power goes off


  • Call your neighbors to determine if they have electricity. This helps pinpoint the extent of the outage.
  • If the cause of the outage is not in your wiring, please call (218) 743-3131 or (800) 762-4048. The following information will be helpful:
    - Name
    - Account Number
    - Location Number
    - Telephone Number
    - Any other information that may help us locate the cause of the outage (for example, a downed tree, lightning strike, branch across a wire, etc.).

How North Itasca Electric Co-op responds to an Outage:

  • The dispatch center reviews information to determine out age location and cause.
  • Outage information is reported to the line crew.
  • Line crews work to restore power as quickly as practical. Our goal is to restore power to the greatest number of customers first, and continuing until all power is restored.

North Itasca Electric Co-op., phones are answered 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. When the office is closed, a dispatch system will handle your call and forward reports concerning the outage to appropriate crews.

In the event of a widespread outage during non-business hours, our electronic outage system will receive your calls and respond with information about the outage. Should you find the phone lines busy, please be patient. We will answer your call as promptly as possible.

Common Causes of Outages are:

  • Storms
  • High winds
  • Lightning
  • Ice on power lines
  • Overloaded Equipment
  • Traffic accidents
  • Construction work
  • Digging
  • Animals

Be prepared:

  • Keep at least one good flashlight with fresh batteries in your house.
  • Place North Itasca Electric Co-opís telephone number and your account number near your telephone.
  • In a wide-spread outage, there may be a prerecorded message played over the phone from the dispatch center.

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