Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 22 NO. 6  -  June 2019

CEO Report


I expect this will be a fun, short meeting, I look forward to seeing you there.

Road restrictions go off tomorrow, summer construction will begin. Make sure you call the office early if you are in the market for a new service or are needing a change to your current service. We have a busy summer planned between Alder Road, County 45, Talmoon road move, and new services. Daryl and the crews are looking at some trouble areas to tackle in the next work plan. We have some lines that are old, have served the members well over the years, now itís time to look to replace some of these.

Right-of-way clearing and maintenance has begun for the year. Our contractor has hit some of the trouble areas with a mower and will circle back around to cut the bigger stuff when time and weather allow. I do understand that it is difficult to lose some of these trees. I ask for your understanding; we would not be there to remove the trees if they werenít a safety and reliability issue. If you have any concerns, please contact the line department or our contractor prior to your area being maintained.

Outage season will start to fire up about the time the leaves hit the trees. Have you fired up your generator to see if itís working properly? More concerning, have you thought about electrical safety? Do you know what to do if the lines are down? STAY AWAYÖ. PLEASE! Just because the lines are down doesnít mean they donít have electricity on them. I have seen several videos lately of wires burning on the ground during storms. I urge you, let the professionals take care of it. If the wires fall on your car and you can stay safely in the vehicle, do exactly that.

Electricity is a funny thing, you canít see it, smell it, or hear it usually. Do you know if that line is dead? We donít until we test for voltage. Letís all have a safe fun summer, always be aware of electrical safety.

I hope all the Moms had a wonderful day Sunday. To all the fisherpersons, let the catch be as big as the story. I didnít make it out on the water this weekend, I did spend many hours in the boat. I recently got a new-to-me fishing boat. I spent most of the weekend getting it ready for my opener. Ontario opens the third weekend of May, that is when my buddies and I go North to chase the Lake Trout around. Iím looking forward to another fun-filled summer around North Itasca; fishing, swimming, camping, golf, and good friends, Iíll see you out there.

By your side!

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