Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 22 NO. 5  -  May 2019

Roxanne’s Sales Talk


The dual stainless-steel burners have separate controls for separate heat zones which allow for cooking over indirect heat. The 25,000 BTU of precise heat allow you to adjust your heat to as high as 500 degrees and down as low as 250 degrees. There are 400 inches of total cooking space.

If you are the kind of person that likes to Get-ER-Done when cooking, then I think you will love the MHP Grill – This grill heats up fast and has porcelain briquettes that hold heat and keep it evenly distributed. There are 642 square inches of total cooking area, 40,000 BTU rated per hour input, stainless steel cooking grids and a dual burner to distribute heat more evenly. There is also a built-in heat indicator so you know at a glance what the temperature is.

I had the opportunity to cook on this grill and I will say I loved how evenly it cooked. I filled the cooking area with burgers and figured I’d have to move them around as some would cook faster in the middle.Well, that wasn’t the case and they were all done around the same time.

We have a few grills in stock and, like with our appliances, with a 20 percent down payment we offer a low interest finance rate of 0 percent on 90 days, 3.5 percent on 1 year, or 4 percent on 2 & 3 years. These will be on sale at the Open House Friday, May 10, so if you’re interested this would be a great time to come in. Both grills have great warranties.

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