Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 22 NO. 1  -  January 2019

CEO Report


This past year together has been exciting. The first thing I want to report on is that our Board of Directors voted to approve our 2019 budget. This is a process for the team at North Itasca Electric. We leave no stone unturned to make sure we dont miss any expenses or revenues to provide the board with the necessary information on the budget. I am very pleased to say there will be no rate increase for 2019! Enter the sigh of relief.

With the passing of our friend Terry Schmitz there is an opening on the board. Our Board of Directors is looking to appoint someone from District 8 to this position. I will hold a special district meeting at the Marcell Family Center on January 9, from 5-7 p.m. to discuss this or any other issues. This meeting will be an open forum and very casual.

I will have Candidate Packets with me at the meeting, we are looking to have these packets returned by January 17. The board will hold a special board meeting on January 19 to appoint an interim director until the elections in June of 2019. This selected candidate will then have to run in the June election for District 8.

I have heard several stories of Terry over my time with you. I want to share with you one of my Terry stories. When I showed up at North Itasca Electric last year, things were quite busy. Terry had a way to talk, coach, and listen that could calm any situation down. This past spring, he asked me, Do ya golf? I was quickly trying to remember where my clubs even were and replied, Well, kind of, Im not very good. Terry fired back, We should golf then.

Now Im talking to Terry before I knew Ter that well. Sure, Ill play a round with you sometime. That is when that booming voice came out, E V E RY W E E K, lets golf league! That guy could talk you into anything! We played league together and Terry introduced me to everyone on the course as my manager of North Itasca. We had many deep and not so deep conversations out on the course that I will truly cherish forever. He was a dandy.

Im getting all choked up here, Id better switch subjects. Jerry Loney was just down to Great River Energy for the Member Service meeting. Jerry came back excited about the new air source heat pumps that were highlighted. These new cold climate air source heat pumps can put out 95 degree air in -5 below Fahrenheit. These units are very exciting, they were highlighted because youll be able to control them safely where you couldnt before. This means we can put them on the dual fuel rate and really save you some money on heating and cooling. GRE will have programs out in April on these units, expect to see more information in the WATTS around that time.

Thank you to everyone that came out to the Christmas Open House! I absolutely enjoy this event! We had a hat and mitten tree for the kids, cookies, doughnuts, hot apple cider, coffee, prizes, gifts, mugs, sleigh rides and a special visit from Santa himself on the back of the Bigfork Fire truck. I enjoy the chance to visit with all of you during these events, and the chance to see how close our employees are to our community. Thank you to all the employees that made this day fantastic. We were able to hand out capital credit checks at the open house also; this made the day even better for many. The remaining checks were sent out in the mail the following week. I hope this adds to the holiday excitement!

By your side,

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