Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 21 NO. 9  -  September 2018

Donít wait until tomorrow


Here are things which can be done before (and during) the heating season to save money on your heating bills.

† †

Money saving tips:

  1. Set thermostats to 68 degrees.
  2. Run ceiling paddle fans on low, directing the air upwards. †
  3. Change HVAC filters monthly. †
  4. Keep windows locked to provide a tight seal.
  5. Seal and insulate electric wall outlets and switches.†
  6. Caulk along baseboards with a clear sealant.†
  7. Close fireplace dampers when not in use. †
  8. Caulk all penetrations which come in contact with exterior walls. †
  9. Close shades and drapes at night to keep heat in.† †
  10. Open shades and drapes during the day to catch free solar heat.† † †
  11. Ensure attic access doors are insulated properly and tightly closed. †
  12. Ensure windows and doors are properly weather-stripped.†
  13. Have your HVAC system serviced once per year.† †
  14. Use heavy-duty, clear sheets of plastic on the inside of windows to reduce the amount of cold air entering your home.†
  15. Minimize use of electric space heaters. †
  16. Ensure air source heat pump condensers are free of debris. †
  17. When using a wood fireplace, reduce heat loss by opening damper in the bottom of the firebox (if provided) or open the nearest window slightly.
  18. Seal the band joists in the basement with durable caulking or foam sealant. †
  19. Ensure floor registers and grills are not blocked with rugs, drapes or furniture. †
  20. Caulk around windows and doors. †
  21. In unconditioned (and conditioned) space, verify your ductwork is tightly connected and sealed to prevent air leakage.† †
  22. With an attached garage, keep your garage door closed.

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