Watts News
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VOL. 21 NO. 8  -  August 2018

Summer as an intern


Customer service is also very important because having a good attitude and just giving someone a smile can affect their day. It’s a great way to learn communication skills, it also helps that everyone in the office has been so kind and helpful in training in Haley and I.

Working at North Itasca Electric has also been a great experience in having a fulltime job for the first time. It’s showing me more of what an “Adult life” is like. I also work at the Power House and the Shining Light Café on weekends so this summer has been very productive. I definitely have drunk a lot more coffee than I’m used to this summer.

I am a big fan of the TV show “The Office,” and let me tell you this office is not like Dunder Mifflins Office. There aren’t any dundie awards or the Office Olympics here for you fellow “The Office” lovers to know. But we do work hard and still have fun doing it. My favorite thing to do at work is read over anyone’s paper and correct the mistakes. Daryl calls me a “grammar cop.” I took a journalism class last year so that really helped.

Cassandra Becker    Haley Grover

by Haley Grover

Working here at North Itasca Electric has been a fun and great experience for me. It has given me a taste of what it is like to work in the business world. Having another intern by my side has made my job more relaxed and enjoyable. Not only that, the ladies in the office have been helpful and nice to me as well. Without them I would be clueless.

This fall I will be attending Gogebic Community College for my Associates of Business Degree in Ironwood, Michigan. Being able to have an opportunity to work in a company like this before I go off to college is such a blessing.

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