Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 21 NO. 7  -  July 2018

Roxanne’s Sales Talk


Entertainment this year was by Jason Waldron and two members from his band: Shane Kingsland and Greg Kaczor. They did a great job and were enjoyed by all, thank you.

The Annual Meeting is very important to us at North Itasca Electric. It is the one big day out of the year when we all have a chance to get together, and for you to learn and share with the whole Cooperative. Many of you do not realize it, but you are not only a member, but also an owner.

As a member, you have a say in North Itasca Electric’s operations. Directors are voted on and you have a vote as to who that person is in your service district. It is not only the employee’s responsibility to make North Itasca Electric the best it can be, but every member as well.

Cooperatives are not just important because we keep the power on but because when all the cooperatives work together, they are a huge voice and with that voice we all have a huge say in what happens in our future. If you are one who doesn’t think that the Annual Meeting is for you because you’re too young, please rethink it. Remember, you’re a member. So please take part and get involved.

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