Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 21 NO. 5  -  May 2018

CEO Report


Northland Connect is a limited liability corporation that North Itasca Electric Cooperative is partial owner of. We provide satellite internet connection to our members at the minimum 25 megabits/second and above, depending on what you need or want.

It can be extremely expensive to bury fiber to the home; our vast and unique service territory would be a challenge to any company with aspirations to serve high speed internet. We will face similar challenges of the number of members per mile of line and the cost associated with serving internet much like electricity. Therefore, I want to reintroduce you, the member-owner, to the satellite option.

Satellite internet works much like your satellite TV service. If you can see the sky you can get programming. I have had discussions with Northland Connect and we have decided to offer a special in our service territory. We want our member owners to have every service available as anywhere else. In the next couple of months, I plan on having a kiosk available, so you can test drive the speed of satellite internet in the office. We will simply put a dish up, hook it to a computer and let member owners check out some web content. We will prove what the service can be for our area, feel free to call us or stop by for more information.

We’ve been working on a few parties around here also. We have plans in the works for the Mother’s Day Event/Open House. New this year we’re lining up a Father’s Day Open House. We are also working on your annual meeting. The annual meeting gives us a chance to check in and report on what is going on at your cooperative. The annual meeting is a requirement, and we must have a quorum of members that attend. This is why I’m calling it a party this year.

We’re working on making a few changes to the annual meeting this year. Yes, there will gifts, prizes, food and hopefully a little excitement, with a side of education. We’ve invited organizations that have received donations from Operation Round-Up to attend. We’re going to have tables along the cafeteria walls for our neighbors to talk about their organizations and what the missions are of their groups. We will have some small gifts for the kids, and we plan on having events for the kids during the business meeting in case they want to go play some games. We have a speaker lined up to visit with us about MREA and the importance of your cooperative, financial reports, auditing reports, bylaw voting, director voting! What more could you ask for, oh and I’ll give a little speech, I’ll keep it short though! On a serious note, I really encourage you to attend, all of us look forward to visiting with our fellow North Itasca Electric Cooperative neighbors.

I see that I’m about out of room… I’m heading up to Baudette this weekend, not to fish but rather to wish my Uncle Jerry happy 60th trip around the sun. We spend quite a bit of time together, fishing, hunting, wheeling and just trying to relax. Congrats buddy! Here’s to many more!

By your side! Brad

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