Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 21 NO. 4  -  April 2018

CEO Report


I had the opportunity to head to the capital with our board last week. I have to say thank you to all the representatives and senators that took the time to meet with us! I was shocked and impressed with the energy in the capital buildings. There are youth groups, bikers, and clubs of all sorts, all trying to schedule a meeting with the neighbors that represent us back home. I have to say, this was an eye-opening trip. There are days I feel like Iím being pulled in too many directions, I canít begin to imagine what these brave people must think.

There was another highlight of the MREA Annual meeting. Minnesota Rural Electric Association held a Gubernatorial Candidate Forum, this was the first time, possibly the last time, all 6 of the current candidates shared a stage. This forum really reiterated the importance of our Rural Electric Cooperatives, and the voice we have when we all stand together. I was very proud to be part of the representatives from North Itasca Electric Cooperative.

I learned a great deal at that forum. I urge you to investigate the candidates, some of the greatest ideas from the people on the stage would have staggering costs to NIECI! I saw the passion these candidates had for the issues they believe Minnesota is facing. I tip my hat to those that ran for office; everyone in the room, and across the state for that matter, is judging them. I hope whomever we the people choose for our next governor is willing to work with all of us in Minnesota and will keep the true cost of their decisions in mind.

Iím happy to say the 2017 audit has begun. Thank you to everyone in the office, these are busy times when the auditors are here. We have our daily tasks, and then we are gathering up all the information for the 2017 finances, so the auditors can review it. The auditors interview several of us around the office to make sure we are representing you the Member-Owner to the highest of integrity. The next step is they will compile the information gathered from the field audit and provide a report to our Directors. Our Directors will have an opportunity to meet the auditors, and then we will present the audit to you the Member-Owner at our annual meeting. I look forward to this process and the valuable information that comes with the audit.

Itís time to head out for the day, Iím looking forward to hitting the lakes in the boat soon. Thereís still that late ice crappie bite that I keep hearing about, though. Iím quite interested in this, if the ice is safe! Take care out there!

By your side,

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