Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 21 NO. 2  -  February 2018

Itís heating season!


The consumption of these heaters, even though small, explained the difference in their electric consumption. Even the smallest heater operating over time can consume more energy than one realizes. Let's look at these two types of heaters.

Let's lookat these two types of heaters.

1500-watt electric space heaters

Even though it is small enough to plug into a wall outlet, 1500 watts equals 1.5 kWh on which the member paid $.1374 cent per kWh. Being that said, this one small heater cost $.2061 per hour to operate. Then when tax was added, $.2202 per hour. Granted, when the thermostat is satisfied, the heater will turn off. But, depending on the space and condition of the space being heated, the amount of time of operation will vary.

Electric baseboard heaters

The same goes with electric baseboard heaters. You may say, I only have two 5-foot baseboards. But the average wattage of baseboard heaters is 250 watts per lineal foot. 250 watts x 10 feet will consume 2500 watts (or 2.5 kWh). Using the same math as for the space heaters above, the cost per hour of operation is $.3435 per hour. Then, adding tax, $.3671 per hour.

When we added these two types of heaters together, we found that 4 kWh were being consumed costing $.5873 per hour.

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