Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 21 NO. 2  -  February 2018

Northome/Squaw Lake RoundUp® Grants


Squaw Lake Northome Grant Recipients
(l to r, back) Jack Kallroos, Squaw Lake Community Halloween Party; Lauren Ellison, Wildwood-Plum
Creek Community Club; Alfred Boquist, Bob Malterud and Jim Pautzke, Northome Senior Center.
(l to r, front) Joni LeCuyer, Squaw Lake Community Halloween Party; Diane Wiley, North Woods
Craft Store; Jodi Ellison, Wildwood-Plum Creek Community Club; Beth Skoe, Northome City Library;
Carol Luadtke and Judy Malterud, Northome Senior Center; Greta Nelson, City of Northome, Bartlett
Lake Boy Scout Campground.

Lighting was also the focus of a grant for the Wildwood-Plum Creek Community Club while new books for young readers were purchased for the Northome City Library with part of the RoundUp grant. Suggestions to the purchasing committee are welcome at the library. Volunteer librarians are also needed, call the library at (218) 897-5952 or stop in for further information.

The Northome Senior Center flooring dates from 1982, and the foyer has received extensive traffic. The RoundUp grant received will contribute to the cost of replacing this area of carpet.

At Bartlett Lake, City Clerk Greta Nelson explained that what began as an project to rehab part of the lakeshore has now become an effort to make Bartlett Lake into a user friendly recreational area. This spring the RoundUp grant will be used toward providing seven picnic tables in the Boy Scout Campground area as part of the ongoing project.

The Community Room has also become more user friendly through a fall RoundUp grant. The room, used almost daily, needed a coffee cart to keep supplies together. The grant bought pine lumber and a carpenter produced the new cart shown.

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