Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 20 NO. 10  -  October 2017

CEO Report


This very much reminds me of our Cooperative. If you consider our rights of way and lines as our trail system, the two outfits are very much alike. Both groups maintain their systems for safety, while your Co-op also must keep reliability in mind. Last month many of our owners experienced several blinks on their lights. These blinks were caused by a tree falling into and breaking an insulator on one of Great River Energy’s poles. Like Mr. Danny J Hoskins said in one of his past articles, “If a tree is going to fall, they like to soften the landing on one of our many powerlines out there.” Hence why we are working hard to clear rights of way on our system. It can be very difficult to see those trees being cleared, but between safety, reliability, and cost control, we must come together and do what is right for all the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative, Inc. I must say “Thank you” to my dad, for he has taught me the Cooperative Principle years ago regarding snowmobiles and the hard work that goes into clearing trails. This lesson provided a lot of good times and helped to mold my cooperative ways of thinking I value today.

Let me tell you some other exciting news! Line Superintendent Daryl Pederson and I went out to meet with our engineering firm STAR Energy this week to see progress on the new substation site. This new substation will transfer load off the Bigfork substation and onto the Scenic substation (new). This is a multiple year project and we are near the end of the first year. Our Line Superintendent Daryl and John Pierson from STAR Energy Services LLC have been working hard on this project. So far, they have acquired land, taken care of the environmental studies, soil tests, archeological studies, cost analysis and cleared the land, and the soil is prepared for fencing, ground grids and concrete next year. My hat is off to all the hard work and number crunching, along with all the physical work done to make this needed project a reality. Thank you to everyone involved, this will indeed be a benefit to North Itasca Electric Cooperative.

Last thing on my list today, I promise. Even if it is beautiful outside right now, I’m thinking of the fun winter ahead. Make sure to take advantage of some of these nice days and inspect your home for air leaks and other ways to save on heating costs. Electricity and the bills that come with your ownership of our Cooperative are a substantial amount of money. If you aren’t sure what to look for, give us a call. We have a great group of employees that care about all of us, I enjoy being able to help our member/owners as do they. We have options and information here at the office along with some great rebates on heating systems you can purchase right here. Just give us a call or, better yet, stop in and ask about ways to save.

Halloween is just around the corner, feel free to stop by NIECI with the kids, trick-o-treating for a bag of goodies.

By your side,
Brad Dolinski

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