Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 20 NO. 8  -  August 2017

CEO Report


We will get back to that word balance momentarily, but first letís talk about a couple of other beauties for the office. One is the computer software that a business has. This is the main computer that the cooperative runs on and everything that your cooperative does daily is stored there, goes through there or is researched through. And a good thing about this is most all our employees are very familiar with the cooperativeís software and the workings thereof. But then it happens, someone comes up with an idea, or a plan, to change software, which in turn changes software companies. Argh!!

Now if you have ever talked with someone who has gone through the software conversion process, or currently going through such a thing, it is about as much fun as having a root canal! Personally, I have witnessed 2 different ones, completed, if there is that sort of thing, and in the middle of one at your Cooperative and I know by now, you donít walk into the front office during the process and ask how things are going! Itís better that you throw your hat in there first to see how many pieces it comes back in!!

These women and men of the office are professionals, so, the best way to do this is consult these people that use the software or computers the most and go from there. They may dispute the change, but it is better to have them on your side and assist you when you go thru this change, rather than have them struggle with the software change while boiling tar and plucking chickens!!

Now back to that word, balance; the capital credits that were approved back in the fall of 2016, were, or I should say, are, the victims of our software conversion! That is why you have not received them yet. They are not gone, they are not lost, they are still in the system, they are a victim of the software change. It seems that before the office had a chance to pay capital credits, the software conversion for that part of our system was cut over and the capital credits didnít balance in the new system as it did in the old system. This is just something that happens when you get two softwares competing for the information and how each software interprets the language of the program. And we need this balance before we can pay them out as we donít want to short-change anyone.

So, we havenít forgot about you or your capital credits but with all the in-house action happening at your cooperative this summer, everyone in the office has been super busy and trying to get everything back on track. And I can say things are looking up. I canít say when you can expect capital credits, but I can say, they are still here and they are still yours!

God Bless you and our Troops, Dan

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