Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 15 NO. 4  -  April 2012

Board Nominations Open  

The Bylaws of the Cooperative state that it shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to appoint a committee on nominations prior to the annual meeting.

The committee shall propose and post at the principal office of the Cooperative at least thirty (30) days before the annual meeting, a list of nominations for director, which said list shall consist of one or more candidates from each election district in which the term of the incumbent director shall expire at the next annual meeting of the members.


2012 Summer Road Construction  

by Amanda Nesheim

The “Oh Joy” season is nearly upon us. That’s right; time to gear up for road construction season.

There are several road construction projects in the North Itasca Electric service area with most projects scheduled to start around June 1, but dates are subject to change.


Roxanne’s Sales Talk  

by Roxanne Prather, Sales Assistant

Helpful tips for removing clothing stains

We’ve all dealt with this at one time or another and it is so frustrating when the stain doesn’t come out and your favorite shirt is ruined. Below you will find things to do to prevent this.


Scholarships for Adult Students  

Each year, North Itasca Electric donates its unclaimed capital credits to the scholarship committee at Northome School to be used for co-op members and their families. This year the scholarship applications will be open to adults returning to school as well as high school seniors. Applications for non-traditional students will have the same timeline and guidelines as those for high schoolers.

Applications are available now and will be due about April 20. They have been sent out to area high schools, and are also available at North Itasca Electric's office in Bigfork and on www.northome.k12.mn.us. Copies can also be requested by email from Christine Lundin at clundin@northome.k12.mn.us.

My view from the board table 

by Wes Waller, Director, District 2

This month I am not going to complain about the EPA, the price of gas or anything else beyond my control. This month’s article is light, and if I had to come up with a title it would either be A Co-op Director's First Year or The Country Boy Goes to Town. In my case they were one and the same.

I was elected to the board of North Itasca Electric when I was 38 years old. Up to this point my life had been a process of trying to survive and raise my family, with as much shooting and hunting as I could squeeze in on the side.


April 2012 Calendar of Events 

5 Spring Fling at Edge Gallery in Bigfork opens, Fridays and Saturdays 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. through April 28. Works by the Edge of the Wilderness Art League. Artists' reception Fri., April 13, 5-7 p.m. Demos Sat., April 21
5 Storytelling at Marcell Town Hall building, 6:30 p.m. All ages welcome. Coffee and treats. Subject: "If you could be an apprentice to anyone, living or dead, whom would you like to learn from?"
5 No school, Blackduck, Bigfork, Deer River schools
6 No school, all schools
8 Easter
9 No school, all schools
9 Women of the Woods meet at 10 a.m. at Sand Lake Community Center. Call Kim Giehler at 659-4654 or Marlys Maki at 659-2901
9 Deer River School Board meets, 6 p.m.
10 "Stop & Stitch" at Marcell Family Center, all day session 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Come and go as you please. Bring bag lunch, $2 donation for rent. Order pizza for supper. More info, call Judy at 832-3237 or Rhonda at 832-3597
10 Evergreen Friendship Club meets at a local restaurant, noon. For more info, call 659-2683
11 Northome School Board meets, 7 p.m.