North Itasca Electric Co-operative, Inc

Our Goals

Vision statement

Connecting our Communities by lighting the way

Mission statement

North Itasca Electric Cooperative is committed to being a progressive and viable service organization for the benefit of our member - owners and communities.

Cooperative Goals

  1. Encourage open communications
  2. Empower employees to grow and back their decisions.
  3. Create team players and goals.
  4. Build collaboration. (ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL)
  1. Anticipate our members' needs.
  2. We say yes to members and customers - and then figure out HOW.
  3. We make decisions that are financially responsible for our membership.
  4. We continuously adapt to better serve our members' needs.
  5. Customer service is everyone's business.
  1. Everyone is committed to a collaborative member focused culture.
  2. We create a trusting culture and cohesiveness.
  3. Treat coworkers as members.
  4. We build trust throughout the organization.
  5. We create an atmosphere where we feel safe to challenge each other.
  6. Empower employees to be leaders.

North Itasca Electric Cooperative's Objective

North Itasca Electric is committed to serving you, the member-owner, the best possible way we can. We are here to service you by providing reliable energy at the lowest cost possible through cost saving programs such as (Off-Peak) , Wild Blue internet, Appliance and heating equipment sales, financing, auto-pay, and much more.